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Grateful Dead Live at Jai-Alai Fronton on 1974-06-23

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Jai-Alai Fronton on 1974-06-23

Set 1

Ramble On Rose
Black Throated Wind
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Beat It On Down The Line
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Let It Rock
Cumberland Blues
El Paso
To Lay Me Down
Weather Report Suite Prelude ->
Weather Report Suite Part ->
Let It Grow ->
China Doll

Set 2


Set 3

Jam ->
Ship Of Fools
Big River
Black Peter
Around And Around
Dark Star Jam ->
Spanish Jam ->
U.S. Blues
Uncle John's Band ->
One More Saturday Night

Casey Jones

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Jai-Alai Fronton
Location Miami, FL

Source Sick Bits Vol. 21b - SBD/AUD Matrix of 2 previously circulating sources: SBD (shnid=213) + AUD (shnid=14265)
Transferred by Chris Chappell


Source: Matrix (SBD/AUD mix):

SBD: (shnid=213) - mastered by Josh Belkin

Lineage: SBD>ReelM>DAT>CassetteM>DAT(3)>Prodif Plus card >
Samplitude 2496 > Plextor 820 burner
SBD Patch: "Phil's Tape" > ? > DAT(n) >Prodif Plus > Samp2496

AUD: (shnid=14265) - via Noah Weiner(encoding) via Mark Cohen(A/D xfer)

Recorded by Jerry Moore about 15 rows from the stage on center axis
with 2 hand held AKG D-1000E mics > Sony 152 deck. Maxell UD-120
cassettes, with Dolby B ON.

Both sources were converted to WAV >
Sony Vegas 5 > WAV > CD Wave > FLAC 16 (level 8)

Matrixed by Chris Chappell
End disc 1 after To Lay Me Down and end disc 2 after Around & Around. Seastones
is named s1t19 so as to keep in the order played, although there was a set break
before and after this track. Tracks are named by set as opposed to disc as there
are many media options now for output.

General Notes:

This show was probably one of those events for those who attended where the
response afterwards was like "what the hell was that?" - in other words, not
your normal Dead show, festooned with wierd sound effects, in between song
banter, a Tico Tico tuning, the only Let It Rock, and the first Seastones; all
of this before even the second set which starts with a Jam. The Dark Star,
which is just a Dark Star jam (last one until 1991), lasts almost 18 minutes,
and is one of only 6 played in '74, and the only one in '74 without vocals.
Spanish Jam makes its first of 7 appearances in '74 after a 15 month hiatus.
The jam into US Blues is classic, and the Casey Jones encore is 1 of 10 in '74.
Two repeats from the night before, Jack Straw and Ship Of Fools, had different
feels, yet I still prefer the 22nd versions.

Sonically, the weird part is the beginning of the show which is a matrix from
the SBD source which finally goes to straight SBD in the middle of Ramble On Rose.
This first portion, which is quite phasey, was left alone and not matrixed with
the AUD source due to the fact it had already been matrixed (by Healy?, real time
at the show? - could this be the first matrix experiment at a Deadshow?). Also,
Seastones is AUD only.

Thanks to Jerry Moore for recording the AUD at such a perfect FOB location
which picked up alot of Garcia's amp, thus making the matrix work well. Thanks
to Noah Weiner and Mark Cohen for their conversion of Jerry Moore's masters.
Thanks to Josh Belkin for mastering the SBD source, and thanks to Phil for his
SBD source used as a patch in Belkin's source.

Thanks to Bill Zormeir (AKA Zman) for the excellent artwork.


Editing Notes:

- Pitch/Synch
Both sources were very close in pitch, the SBD being the closest to A=440.
I synched the AUD to the SBD and the AUD had to be pitched up only 2 to 6 cents.
The alt. SBD "Phil's tape" which provides the patch in US Blues did not need
to be pitch adjusted, although some EQ was applied to match the regular SBD in
tone/timbre (high shelf starting at 1.5kHz +6dB).

- Sonic Quality/Matrix ratio
No EQ was applied to either of the two main sources. I applied very sparingly
Waves L2 (limiter) to the master 2 buss to keep things contained, the
levels rarely hitting zero, thus the limiting is quite scarce. All I was
trying to do here is to add some dimension to the SBD by using the
ambience of the AUD. The result is a lively but clear recording, hopefully
close to how it sounded at the show. If I had to guess the SBD/AUD ratio
would be somewhere between 3:1 and 2:1. Note that Jerry's presence in the
matrix mix is enhanced greatly from the AUD due to his loud stage volume.

- Edits
The following are places where the SBD and AUD had splices, holes or
incomplete coverage in reference to the final matrix timeline.


s1t01 (0:00 - 3:14) - missing (tuning)
s1t02 (6:18 - 6:51) - missing (tuning)
s1t04 (0:13 - 0:47) - missing (tuning)
s1t04 (1:11 - 1:43) - missing (tuning)
s1t04 (3:19 - 4:34) - missing (tuning)
s1t06>7 (7:43 - 0:02) - missing (tuning)
s1t07 (3:31 - 4:20) - missing (tuning)
s1t08 (7:55 - 9:12) - missing (tuning)
s1t09 (4:08 - 4:09) - missing
s1t09 (5:18 - 5:50) - missing (tuning)
s1t10 (3:26 - 4:09) - missing (tuning)
s1t11 (9:08 - 7:50) - missing (tuning)
s1t12 (4:22 - 5:45) - missing (tuning)
s1t13>14 (7:58 - 0:56) - missing (tuning)
s1t17 (5:21) - removed subsecond glitch
s1t18 (5:32 - 5:44) - missing (tuning)
s2t01 (0:00 - 2:21) - missing (tuning)
s2t03 (6:04 - 6:19) - missing (tuning)
s2t04 (4:44 - 5:39) - missing (tuning)
s2t05 (4:40 - 4:41) - missing (splice)
s2t05 (9:24 - 10:47) - missing (tuning)
s2t06 (5:17 - 6:03) - missing (tuning)
s2t07 (9:07 - 9:16) - missing (flip)
s2t09 (5:08 - 5:30) - supplied by alt. SBD "Phil's Tape"
s2t09 (8:14 - 10:25) - missing (tuning)
s2t11 (4:54 - 8:54) - missing (tuning)
s2t12 (6:40 - 6:50) - missing (tuning)

s1t16 (4:17) - fixed sbe
s2t05 (10:50) - removed mic bump

Full coverage is achieved, and almost all the missing elements from the SBD
are tuning/crowd.


Reviewer: CJed - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 5, 2015
This is one of my favorite shows. Been lsitening to it for years. it's funny that U.S. Blues is one of the highlights. Me and my gang always reference this show as "Best U.S. Blues ever!!" cuz it is. I am actually shocked that i didnt see anyone comment on that...the Dark Star=>Spanish Jam=>U.S. Blues just blows the roof off and tears your face off! I guess cuz you wouldn't expect U.S. Blues to be so rockin but give this a listen - the intro is incredible then when they start singing and the whole rest of the song MAKES THIS SHOW!!
Reviewer: keyshawn_irvin - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 2, 2015
Subject: One of my '74 faves..
..amazing job with the mix, Chappy, and I appreciate the show notes, too! Thanks so much.

Stand out versions of many, including To Lay Me Down, WRS, an amazing China Doll, and Ship.

Imho, the Black Peter ... Dark Star jam > Spanish jam ...Uncle John's is why we love this band so much, and why they are the greatest live/touring band to grace our universe.


On an aside..

Too much time b/t songs for some..? FFwd, or (friendly suggestion) better yet, learn to listen and enjoy the banter...I know I have!
Reviewer: mzlizizaninja - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 27, 2014
Subject: Another love affair
Well today is streaming only, no downloading, but so like, the water's great! Jump in!

I love and agree with most everything below, except the critic's corners, and that's OK, we can't just love all our children the same at all times on all days and all nights, not by ourselves and not as a village.

But Good Lord! This one cured what-all ailed me this morning, and I feel so good from it.

All My Thanks & Gratitude to All Who Made This Possible.
Reviewer: c-freedom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 9, 2014
Subject: Let it Rock!
Reviews have covered a lot of ground already.
My two cents is the 'Let it Rock'
JGB stretched this out to 10 minutes
but it cool hearing the Heart of Gold band have it's one and only crack at it.
Reviewer: DMTrue13 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2013
Subject: Alligator
great sound, 74 rocks.the bass is loud and good, really nice drumming by Bill, Jerry is ripping along and Kieth perfect. I love the Ship of fools and jam.nicely balanced I can hear everyone clearly and not to much clutter. I wonder if the guy yelling Alligator before Dark star realized that Pig was gone? I guess not.
Reviewer: Satori70 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 23, 2013
Subject: My favorite China
Wow just outstanding quality and song choices. The China Doll makes my eyes damp. Hats off to all who have helped preserve this for future generations !!
Again, thank you to anyone involved from the person who pressed "play + record" right up to the people who work so hard to digitize these and clean them up.
Reviewer: GermanShepherd - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 4, 2013
Subject: the only GD version of Let it Rock
And it freakin' rocks. I guess Jerry needed it for his own.
Reviewer: Franklin's Towel - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 18, 2012
Subject: Saturday night
The GD played this song on just about every night early on and moved it to saturday night only a few years later.

This might be my fav Seastones (short and sweet, full of Phil feedback) and I love how Phil is the one who starts and guides the pre Ship of Fools jam until Jerry slips in and takes over until Phil ends it. Magic stuff. A classic GD show and great matrix
Reviewer: Franklin's Towel - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 18, 2012
Subject: Saturday night
The GD played this song on just about every night early on and moved it to saturday night only a few years later.

This might be my fav Seastones (short and sweet, full of Phil feedback) and I love how Phil is the one who starts and guides the pre Ship of Fools jam until Jerry slips in and takes over until Phil ends it. Magic stuff. A classic GD show and great matrix
Reviewer: airosoria - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 10, 2012
Subject: Bermuda Triangle
When I heard Phil say that I knew I had to tell my little story. Living the cosmic surfer lifestyle in Puerto Rico since1970 so missed a lotta Dead shows. Had a marginal job as a "loadie" at an air cargo co. out of Aguadilla which included free round trip to Miami any time. Mark and I heard the GD were coming, had about $30 between us. After loading the 10 tons of textile we strapped into the passenger seats, 2 surplus Greyhound seats nailed strategically to the deck at the back of the plane behind the cargo. Up and away through the Bermuda Triangle.

Great to hear this high quality show after so many years. It was a WALL of sound :))
Reviewer: deadydave - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 4, 2011
Subject: "easy boys"
i think the easy boys bit from weir at the begining of el paso was bobs way of telling them to slow down. theyre really off to the races on this one but it sounds great. its hard to sync the lyrics and play this song especially at this fast of pace. El Paso is a mouthful. feel free to corect me if im wrong...
Reviewer: robinrunaround - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 20, 2011
Subject: searching for the sound
You really do hear them actively seeking new directions through these songs. Jerry is near his best, not intensely driven at times, but jazzy, carefree, laid back, and feelin it. Great mississippi half step, great to lay me down, great weather report>let it grow>china doll, one of a kind lead in to ship of fools, exploratory black peter, and the dark star, (the only version I know where they don't even bother with verse one, much less verse 2) the DS.hits all the peaks and lulls just right, leading into the most intense, driving Spanish Jam I've heard. Wonderful interplay between the boys here.
Reviewer: CHARLIEPHOGG - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 25, 2010
Subject: great show, great month
May,June 1974 is so incredible! Finially got to hear entire show here. First set is well played even with the sound hang ups. Check it out!! Thanks Archive.
Reviewer: Jim F - - July 2, 2010
Subject: "Easy Boys"
I always wondered what the "easy boys" line from Weir was all about? If only Jerry Moore were still with us to possibly enlighten us...RIP, Jerry.
Reviewer: davidrkelly - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 1, 2010
Subject: Winamp File Coverter
put the URL in your playlist,
let it load all the tracks,
select all,
convert to FLAC, destination folder,
Reviewer: mperrotti76 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 22, 2010
Subject: One of the Best Years
Reviewer: hiTiMeNiCe2meetU - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, 2010
Subject: el paso
right after wild as a west texas wind, right around :50, ensues my favorite garcia riff. You can hear it better on the jerry moore aud; more up front. I always know it will be the one when I hear, "...easy boys." Definitely check out the jerry moore 24 bit.
Reviewer: Albany_Head - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 10, 2009
Subject: Jerry sounds good
The vocals from everyone sound really good, better than a lot of the '74 shows I've heard. Harmonies are right on too. Kind of an interesting song selection. I like the Ramble On Rose opener.

The Chappell-matrixed shows I've listened to so far are some of the best shows in the Dead Archive, along with the Charlie Miller-enhanced shows of course.
Reviewer: mrblond - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2009
Subject: #21 Jam
what a great little tune.
Reviewer: geerbo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 26, 2009
Subject: Wow!
What a run! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better (6/22). This show smokes! I love this era...Long Live The Wolf.
Reviewer: t.coffren - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 3, 2009
Subject: Fantastic
The show is really entertaining and just great vocally. A great show to just relax to as everyone seems to be firing on all cylinders. Some of the breaks between songs are slightly odd but completely worth it. Seastones is fun and its a power packed show. God bless the matrix!!!!!!! Thanks to you matrix dudes and dudettes!
Reviewer: entr0py - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 11, 2009
Subject: ACE back to back double down on this black jack
If I had an ace for... ramble on take me home. I wish I could go home>!!?! It is good to see the boys on something that reminds..(double space) you of a show or a fire you had with some friends back home when so far away. It is all relative so someone said.

I'm a pilgrim on the edge
On the edge of my perception
We Are travelers at the edge
We are always

That fat man lives to cut the skinny in our lives

pun intended
Reviewer: oh_uh_um_ah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 23, 2009
Subject: The GRATEFUL DEAD "Live On Stage" June 23, 1974 at Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, U.S.A.


Super 74' Soundboard.

Thirty five years ago today the GRATEFUL DEAD were playing in Miami, where were you?

Here's one way to download this show:

The IA recommends users of Windows XP view this web-page with RealPlayer. RealPlayer is a free media player you can download at

While viewing this webpage with RealPlayer, Click the VBR M3U link to open the songs in the Playlist. If your Playlist is not open, open it by clicking the Playlist icon at the lower right hand corner of RealPlayer. Once the songs are in the Playlist, double click the song to play it, then click the record button at the lower left hand corner of Realplayer to record it. When the red line reaches the other end click the stop button to download the song. Your song is in the RealPlayer Downloads folder. Repeat these steps for each song.

!wow---> 'Matrix' Soundboard/Audience Mix <---wow!

This is the "Best Sounding" copy of this show on the IA!

Chris Chappell is an artist, it's an Audio Masterpiece!

These "Matrix" shows really are more "livelier" and "dimensional" than a plain soundboard.

I think they sound better than a plain board, they sound more like a "live show"; it's really very enjoyable, nice job.

A fine balance of the energy of the crowd mixed with the clarity of a soundboard. Combined like a Cocktail that puts you in the mood with one shot.

The Dragon eating its tail sonically speaking.

The GRATEFUL DEAD playing to the audience, the audience responding to the GRATEFUL DEAD.

I highly recommend adding this show to your 1974 GRATEFUL DEAD collection.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Listen to the GRATEFUL DEAD.

Thanks for the LOVE from 1974.

PS: It's pure genius mixing sound board and audience tapes, keep up the good work, we are proud of you guys. I love that 'Matrix Sound'.
Reviewer: Sedula - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 17, 2009
Subject: Far better shows ??
Also Love The Band Said: "The music was solid, but there were too many long breaks without Dead!!! There are far better shows from 74 than this one."

Are you joking?? I'm not saying that there aren't any other better shows in'74, but ones that are "far better" seems a ridiculous statement. I think '74 was one of the best years and this show is typical of that year.
Reviewer: timdawg42 - - June 2, 2009
Subject: files?
Irvine 1984 and this show and probably others are missing the songs' flac or shn files for download. The checksums are available but where's downloadable sound files? Thank you, Timdawg42
Reviewer: Also Love The Band - favoritefavorite - May 14, 2009
Subject: Meh...
The music was solid, but there were too many long breaks without Dead!!! There are far better shows from 74 than this one.
Reviewer: demigodband - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 27, 2008
Subject: matrix mix kicks but
These matrix mixes are the bomb. The show is a 5 star show for sure. Let it Rock rolls and flows. You guys who got to see the Dead at this time were super lucky. My first show was Alpine 1984. Not to shabby but out of the 250 plus shows I saw...this blows away every show i saw by a country mile. And I saw Hampton 89 yada yada yada. Anyway, the Uncle Johns actually has good harmonies.WOW!Thanks to whomever is doing this killer job of mixing AUD. with SBD. Please keep it up.
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